2016 Winners

BRONZE: Launch Strategy
JURY PRIZE: Data Diving

Spotify Canada

Music For Your World


In late 2014, Spotify was finalizing its plans to enter Canada. Research revealed that most Canadians were unfamiliar with the music streaming category, let alone Spotify. Subscribers of other streaming services already had established preferences and behaviours. There was also a high degree of consumer inertia: even if a consumer was dissatisfied with their current streaming service, trial (let alone a permanent change) was considered just too great a hassle.

Spotify's objective was to introduce itself to Canadians and acquire new users by showing that the brand knows how music fits into their lives.

Research showed that music is transformative and that it had the ability to change a person's experience of the world around them, help them focus, tune out or feel better.

Through the platform, Spotify identified what each of its users was listening to, when they were listening, how often and where (right down to the neighbourhood). From student hangouts to financial centres to hipster enclaves, Spotify and Anomaly mapped listening habits to create the "Music For Your World" campaign, which held a mirror to people's lives. It utilized data to create playlists tailored to Canada's highest streaming neighbourhoods.

Thirty-plus playlists were created to match Canadian neighbourhoods, based on the actual music being listened to by the people who live there, including the most streamed and the most distinctive tracks.

The campaign increased daily registration to Spotify by 21% and moved the app from #3 to #1 (among music streaming apps) in app store downloads across both iOS and Androids. The campaign also delivered a 20% increase in brand awareness (from 38% to 58%) versus the previous period and generated over 30 million impressions nationally.

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Client: Spotify Canada

Agency: Anomaly

Partner: Franke Rodriguez

Executive CDs: Pete Breton, Dave Douglass

AD: Rich Brown

Copywriter: Matthew Donne

Group Account Director: Bryden MacDonald

Account Director: Keltie White

Account Coordinator: Brittany Golding

Producer: Christine Stephens

Assistant producer: Erica Orofino

Strategist: Jon Daly

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For partnership inquiries, please contact Neil Ewen at newen@brunico.com.