Material Requirements

Please ensure all materials are uploaded with the proper file type.

All entries must supply a PDF case document explaining how it excels in the selected category. You must use the format in the template below.


Case Summary Document (500 - 750 words max): 

Date: Launch and implementation period (all entries must have been in market between April 20th, 2023 and April 19th, 2024)

The challenge: Describe objectives and any issues to overcome, or opportunities to capitalize on

The one-line key insight: Describe how you arrived at the insight and resulting concept 

The one-line idea: Distill how you applied the insight to brand advantage

The plan: Describe execution. Be sure to include each activation/touchpoint and how it all came together.

What happened/results: Impart impact

Did your strategy achieve planning goals? Did the planning drive success and influence change for the brand, beyond the scope of the campaign? Did your strategy change the way the brand goes to market in any significant way, from marcom and media strategy to demo and distribution focus?

Include as many hard KPI metrics (shares, sales, etc.) as you are able to, to help strengthen your case.

For Challenger Strategy category entries, please include budget and other pertinent David & Goliath resource context in “The Challenge” summary.


For Evolution Strategy category entries, please isolate the nature of the refresh “evolved from [blank] to [blank]” in the “Idea” section.


For ROI Strategy category entries, you must include an ROI or ROAS calculation; judges will expect to see a return on ad spend figure (the amount of revenue generated per $ spent). Also, please explain how your strategy drove results by showing a direct link to the impact/return on investment. 

Visual material:

All entries must include a visual component for consideration. Summary videos are encouraged, but not mandatory.

The content of your entry MUST NOT show who the submitting agency is in order to prevent any bias either for or against your entry.

Accepted file formats and sizes:

Videos must be: H.264, mp4, maximum 500 MB, and two minutes or less. Videos should be a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080

Images must be JPEG format and a maximum of 10 MB each

Audio files must be MP3 format and a maximum of 10 MB each


Submission of visual components online:

You will be able to upload visual components online for each entry in the Entry Dashboard.
You may also specify one file as a summary video during the upload process by selecting Summary Video in the drop down.
The following are the support file formats: Video: H.264 MP4, Audio: MP3, Documents: PDF, Images: JPEG

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