2016 Winners

BRONZE: Turnaround Strategy
JURY PRIZE: Research Mastery

Nature Valley

3 Generations


Youth are increasingly losing their connection to nature, opting instead for artificial experiences indoors. Research showed that this disconnection is not just a phenomena associated with the current digital generation, it keeps happening with each passing generation.

Nature Valley decided to shock consumers into a very important conversation about what would happen if we completely lost our connection to nature. An online film interviewed three generations from three different families and asked each to answer the same critical question: "As a kid, what did/do you like to do for fun?"

The eldest generations spoke of run-ins with bears, fishing, forts and gardens. Their kids, however, offered a jarring and almost somber contrast by listing video games and cell phones. The video prompted a conversation about whether the increasing disconnect was good or bad.

Cossette then created a park finder, which helped consumers find activities near their home. The agency also geo-targeted Moms to promote natural events, like a meteor shower and blossom events, that would inspire them to go outside and enjoy their surroundings. Simultaneously, the brand ran 15 product spots on TV that prompted people to "Rediscover the Joy of Nature."

In the end, Nature Valley saw a 35% increase in sales year-over-year. The video has received 25 million views, and the campaign received coverage in media outlets from Time to Fast Company.


Brand: Nature Valley

Agency: Cossette

Chief strategy officer: Jason Chaney

Director, strategy: Kevin McHugh

CCOs: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno

CDs: Ed Lea, Sean Barlow

ACD, AD: Yusong Zhang

ACD, copywriter: Dhaval Bhatt

Agency producer: Colleen Floyd

Account supervisor: Jennifer Foster

Account supervisor: Jamie Artkin

VP, client leader: Wendy Morgado

SVP, national business leader: Janis Lindenbergs

VP of marketing: Dale Storey

Marketing director: Emma Eriksson

Marketing manager: Desiree Brassard

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