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The lottery industry is an entertainment industry; highly focused on innovation, digital gaming, and technology. But their player base is aging out: only 14% of players are under the age of 35 compared to 29% of the population that falls in this demographic. And while the industry is showing growth, it is due to increased spending amongst existing, older players. Lottery is not bringing new players into the fold.

If this trend is not addressed, the entire industry could face significant revenue declines.

The goal was to get young adults (18 to 35) interested in LOTTO MAX. They want them to see the brand as a viable entertainment option, relevant to their lives and interests. People under the age of 35 think three things of lottery: it’s for old people, it’s a waste of money and they’d be more likely to buy if they knew their money was going to a good cause. They launched the world’s first fashion line that doubles as a wearable lottery ticket that also gives to charity, making it potentially the most valuable clothing line in the world.

Announcing LOTTO MAX Dream Drop. They partnered with popular fashion designer Mr. Saturday to create the world’s first fashion line that is a wearable lottery ticket. For $200, customers got a hoodie, pants, a coach jacket, or hat/sock/t-shirt combo, that turned them into walking brand ambassadors, and created
FOMO for those who didn’t purchase.

Each item features a barcode that gives the purchaser a year’s worth of LOTTO MAX tickets, encouraging them to play and hopefully experience the thrill of winning up to $70 million. It could be the most
valuable clothing line in the world.

The clothing line marks the first time LOTTO MAX has directly targeted this audience, the first time they’ve made the brand feel young and modern, and the first time anyone has turned clothing into a lottery ticket. They paired designs with cryptic headlines to drive awareness of the Mr. Saturday partnership and launch date through social posts, OLV, bumpers, banners, influencers, press kits, and PR. They released the designs to the media. The launch was covered by fashion bloggers, influencers, and a Toronto Raptors NBA player modeled the clothing. Mr. Saturday alerted fans with emails and social posts.

E-commerce opened, and they hosted a pop-up. People could see the clothing in person and crack a code on a giant vault to win apparel and a $1000 gift card. After they quickly sold out, the digital vault launched. People could crack a code for a final chance to score the hottest item: the hoodie. Finally, they teased them with future Dream Drops, keeping their target engaged.

There was a 40% increase in positive perception of the LOTTO MAX brand among those who saw their campaign, doubling their objective. The brand saw a 194% lift in account registrations, indicating intent for future online purchases and creating a 1:1 relationship with their target. Hoodies sold out in 11 min, 90% of the entire collection sold in 24 hours, and 100% within a week. (Mr. Saturday doesn't typically sell 90% of a collection in a day. On average, only 50%-60% sell within a week of a collection release.) And most importantly, this campaign got 18 to 35-year-olds to play LOTTO MAX. There was a 200% lift in ticket sales over the first three weeks of their campaign. Dream Drop is a new way to play for a new generation of players. It changed the way young adults perceived the lottery, and got them to play.

Client: OLG
Kimberly Clark: VP, Lottery
Jenna LeBlanc: VP, Brand Management and Marketing
Yvonne Leung: Director, Marketing Communications
Rochelle K Menezes: Marketing Communications Manager
Melissa Finley: Senior Product Manager, Lotto Max
Agency: FCB Canada
Nancy Crimi-Lamanna: CCO
Cuanan Cronwright: ECD
Leonardo Barbosa: ECD
Michael Morelli: ACD
Marty Hoefkes: ACD
Jerry Yang: Art Director
Michael Carey: Sr Copywriter
Jon Dawe: Copywriter
Shelley Brown: CSO
Meg Siegel: Strategy Director
Allie Lochhead: Strategist
Adriana Laborde: Sr Producer
Tim Welsh: VP Managing Director
Cynthia Roach: VP Client Services Lead
Solo Gritskiv: GAD
Jimmy Pun: Account Supervisor
Agency: Mr. Saturday
Joey Gollish: Creative Director
J. Derek Brenzel: Director of Operations & Marketing
Lucas Macrae: Designer/Production Manager
Production: Common Good
Christo Anesti: Director
Jamie Webster: Co-Director
Farrah Khaled: Producer
Stefani Kouveranios: Exec Producer
Dwight Phipps: Exec Producer
Production: Cruel
Karl Bechmann: Managing Director
Mac Siwocha: Studio Director
Dom Lisi: Creative Director
Julia Cherry: Account Manager
Justin Nahhas: Art Director
Rachael Wilson: Producer
Post-production: Common Good
Ainslie Thomas: Post Producer
Red Barbaza: Editor

Mikka Quinsac: Assist Editor
Audio: Dean Vision
Moël, Nasim Asgari, Dean Vision: Music writers
Moël: Singer
Dean Vision: Producer
Audio: Grayson
Kelly McCluskey: Exec Producer
Brian Bernard: Sound Engineer
Media Agency: MediaCom
Sandra Hayes: Group Account Director
Shirley Zheng: Account Manager
Jason Lagance: Sr Media Exec
Jamie Ellis: Media Exec
Alexander Widerszpil: Account Manager Paid Social
Michelle Li: Sr. Programmatic Manager
Noyan Hilmi: Associate Director Media Partnerships
PR Agency: H+K
Genna Schnurbach: VP
Samantha Kay: VP Lead Content+Publishing Digital Planning
Michelle Reagan: VP Creative Strategy
Aimee Legault: Sr Director Influencer Marketing
Margaret O’Donoghue: Sr Consultant
Maryann Nasello: Sr Consultant

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