2022 Winner

Harry Rosen

Green Screen Shirt

Zulu Alpha Kilo

BronzeTech Strategy

For 70 years, Harry Rosen has built its brand on a high-touch approach. When men needed impeccable suits for work, they would visit the store and talk to their “guy.”

The COVID-19 pandemic upended that approach. Stores closed. Harry’s business shifted online. And Harry’s customers’ clothing needs changed as well.

In the first months of the pandemic, the number of total minutes spent on Zoom soared from 100 billion to two trillion a year.

As every meeting moved online, all the “rules” for dressing professionally were suddenly thrown out the window. Did men still need to wear suits? Were hoodies okay? Were trousers necessary? Style-conscious men found themselves adrift.

Harry’s challenge: Maintain brand affinity and keep Harry Rosen top of mind to drive online sales and bring people back into stores when they opened up again.

They needed to stay relevant at a time when many people felt like they were spending their whole lives on Zoom. They quickly realized that fashion-savvy men were facing a serious challenge to their abilities to express themselves, and that Harry Rosen could help.

Online meetings give style-conscious men only one signal to work with: their shirts.

Harry Rosen’s Green Screen Shirt is a short-sleeved button-up shirt crafted by Harry’s master tailors in a light, breathable cotton that was dyed a brilliant PANTONE 354C: the exact shade for green screening.

Just click the “Green Screen” checkbox on Zoom and choose a pattern. Instantly, your shirt can have any design you like. There’s no software or plugin to install. They invented a new use for a feature that was already built into Zoom.

Since the luxury market loves a fashion drop, They chose to launch the shirt as an exclusive contest solely on Harry’s Instagram feed. As Instagram is the number one source for fashion inspiration, they knew their target would be scrolling through it between or even during Zoom calls.

The shirt would not be available in stores or anywhere else. To win one, people had to tag two friends and Like the post. The contest launched with an organic video in time for one of Harry’s biggest selling seasons: Father’s Day. Because the pandemic had limited budgets, there was no paid media. They relied entirely on organic conversation.

The shirt gave men the ability to showcase their personalities and look like tech geniuses at the same time. It was so fun that the men who won the shirt couldn’t help posting about it, extending the campaign’s reach and generating buzz.

The Green Screen Shirt turned out to be a great way to fight “Zoom fatigue” – as well as Harry Rosen’s stuffy reputation. The video generated more than 111,000 views on Instagram – three times Harry’s follower count – with zero paid media. All shirts were immediately claimed in the contest. Harry is exploring a product rollout. It was the most engagement Harry has ever had for a contest.

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh
Executive Creative Director: Wain Choi
Art Director: Anton Garneau, Michael Romaniuk
Writer: Luke McNeil, Marco Buchar
Account Team: Michael Brathwaite
Client: Harry Rosen
Clients: Trinh Tham, Kristin Meier, Paul Michel
Producer: Christine Taranco
Production House: Zulubot
Production/Technical Advisor: Adam Palmer
Editor/Colourist: Felipe Chaparro
Photographer/Videographer: Kyle Wilson, Matt Watkins
Creative Director Harry Rosen: Christine Kwan
Photo Retoucher: Jim Tinios

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