2019 Winner

Fountain Tire

Fan Bods

FCB Canada

SilverChallenger Strategy

Fresh tires are a grudge purchase. But Fountain Tire didn’t want to be the dreaded dentist of retail, so it found a passion it could share with customers: the Edmonton Oilers.

As the team’s ultimate fan and sponsor, the brand made the ultimate sacrifice – it donated its employees’ bodies to the fans. “Fan Bods” was a human typeface made for fans, by fans. Real employees were painted as crazed Oilers fans and turned into every letter of the alphabet. Fans could use the “Fan Bods” font to create cheers and send them to the Oilers on social.

Real “Fan Bods” took to the stands at games and the interface was used by fans from 24 out of 31 NHL hockey teams. The FCB-created campaign also won a Silver award in Challenger Strategy.

FCB Toronto:
Nancy Crimi-Lamanna – Chief Creative Officer
Jeff Hilts – Chief Creative Officer
Matt Antonello – Group Creative Director
Noel Fenn – Group Creative Director
Derek Silveira – Senior Copywriter
Elma Karabegovic – Senior Art Director
Jana Desjardins – Producer
Scott Drucker – DOP Case study (DOP for Case Study Video)
John Pace – Group Account Director
Chris Flynn – Account Executive
Adrian Bailon – Project Manager
Cody Sabatine – Art Director
Shelley Brown – Chief Strategy Office
Eryn LeMesurier – Planning Director
Chris Perron – VP Managing Director
Colin Murdock – Editor (case study video) Rooster Post Production

NIMBLE (Production House):
Brett Blackwell – Director, Nimble Content
Michael Corbiere – Executive Producer, Nimble Content
Cale McArthur – Line Producer, Joe Media

Editors / Photographers:
Jon Garofalo – Editor, FCB
Brian Noon – Editor, Freelance, The Empire
Darren Jacknisky – Photographer, Bluefish Studios

Katie Methot (Producer)
Bobbi Dedman (Producer)
Eric Perrella (Online Editor)
Sebastian Boros (Editor)
Tricia Hagoriles (Colourist)

PIRATE Toronto:
Tom Eymundson – Director
Maggie Blouin Pearl (Producer)
Kyle Anderson (Sound Engineer)

Madara Ranawake – Director of technology
Robert Blayney – Front end developer
Maia Spetter – Project Manager
Gillian Morrison – Project Manager

FUEL Content:
Marcelle Faucher - Retoucher
Nabil Elsaadi – Retoucher
Bruce Ellis – Print Producer
Billy Mavrakakis – Studio Designer

Guru Media

Covalent Communications

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