2019 Winner

Grupo Bimbo - Canada Bread

Don't Eat Takis


BronzeChallenger Strategy

BronzeLaunch Strategy

Takis, the “Doritos of Mexico,” got teens to finally notice the brand after a year of lacklustre sales with an anti-marketing campaign. To boost sales, it used a teaching method that’s popular among parents – reverse pyschology – knowing that if you want a teen to do something, just tell them that they can’t do it.

The “Don’t Eat Takis” campaign, by Cossette, hid the brand and its product by blacking out the logo and its packaging. It even set the brand’s Instagram page to private. And a website was also created to tell kids why they shouldn’t eat Takis, while influencers pooh-poohed the chips on social.

The non-campaign was a #fail, which means it was actually a #winner, taking home two Bronzes, one for Challenger Strategy and one for Launch Strategy. Takis played up its challenger role and claimed the #2 spot (next to Doritos) in the category. And teens were 20% more aware of the brand while sales jumped 35%.

Grupo Bimbo
Senior Vice President Marketing: Heather Crees
Marketing Director: Riona Coller
Marketing Manager: Stephanie Bell
Assistant Marketing Manager: Neha Pal

Global Chief Creative Officers: Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi
VP Strategy: Michel-Alex Lessard
VP Creative Advertising: Anne-Claude Chénier
Creative Director: Patrick Michaud
Copywriter: Ben Duquette, Marc-André Lafrance, Cameron Hudson
Art Director: David Théroux
Senior Content Strategist: Mikael Lebleu
Director, Business Lead: Sophie Couvrette
Product Owners: Marie-Pier Kerr, Valérie Lapointe
Product Advisor: Annie Vanier
Producer: Julie Lorazo
Print Producer: Martin Lemay
Print Retoucher: Daniel Cartier
Graphic Artist: Nathalie Boucher

Media Supervisor: Natacha Lafleur
Media Strategist: Valérie Jolivet

PR Account Manager: Axelle Techer

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