2019 Winner

United Way



SilverCause/Public Service

Sadly, 1 in 10 Canadians live in poverty and many are impacted by social issues. Yet few recognize the problems that exist in their own communities, so United Way created a campaign that drew attention to the local issues that often go ignored.

The non-profit and Taxi partnered with The Pantone Color Institute to create the world’s most “Unignorable” colour: a neon orange that calls attention to social issues, from homelessness to abuse and violence. The hue became the foundation for every execution. Working with an illustrator, the team created minimalist designs, using only black, white and the “Unignorable” colour. The artwork was placed in contextual OOH and print ads, while an interactive art exhibit at Nuit Blanche in Toronto simulated the feelings of insecurity and isolation within those who suffer from ignored issues. The non-profit even partnered with Adidas to create “Unignorable” sneakers.

The program, which won a Silver in Cause, helped raise $110 million in donations – a record-breaking amount for the United Way in the GTA (and in the world).

Christine Maw, VP, Head of Strategy, TAXI

Alexis Bronstorph, Executive Creative Director, TAXI
Kelsey Horne, Executive Creative Director, TAXI
Dan Cantelon, ACD/Art Director, TAXI
Marc Lavesque, ACD/Copywriter, TAXI
Rasna Jaswal, Designer, TAXI
Cheri O’Connor, Senior Integrated Producer, TAXI
Dennis Soler, Producer, TAXI

Account Leadership
Adam Ball, Group Account Director, TAXI
Leigh Anderson, Account Director, TAXI

Goodwin Gibson, Senior Vice President, Donor Relations & Marketing, United Way
Adrienne Clarke, Director, Content, United Way
Louise Bellingham, President, Communications & Brand Strategy, United Way

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