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What brand would flaunt its absence on a billboard? One that isn’t afraid to give weed regulators a sharp nudge, that’s who. Dosist is a producer of pot that’s not federally approved or allowed on shelves in Canada (at press time, the Cannabis Act does not permit the sale of concentrates used in vaporizers). The company believes this is a mistake.

Canada is ranked the third-most-sleep-deprived nation in the world, according to Dosist, while anxiety and depression costs the economy almost $50 billion a year. But the brand’s dose-controlled vape pen positioned itself as a solution to those sleep and mental health issues.

Dosist, along with Anomaly, decided to create an advocacy platform in response to the government’s non- response. It launched an out-of- home campaign that called out Canada’s reluctance to allow consumers to treat those issues with Dosist’s product. The team embraced regulations that censor producers from promoting their brand, stating that Dosist is “Not Available in Canada.”

By positioning the campaign – which snagged a Gold in Cannabis Strategy – as a PSA, Dosist created awareness and built a substantial email database, with nearly 80,000 people signing a petition and contacting the government on Dosist’s behalf.

Agency Credits

Agency Anomaly: Toronto
Executive Creative Directors: Dave Douglass & Pete Breton
ACD/Copywriter: Marko Pandza
ACD/Art Director: Jason Kerr
CEO: Franke Rodriguez
President, Managing Partner: Candace Borland
Business Director: Matt Holton
Account Supervisor: Kayla Christenson
Planner: Alex Avendano
Agency Producer: Kate Spencer, Tracy Haapamaki, Danielle
Designer: Timothy Chuang & Melissa Zeta
Social Media Director: Jennifer Stack
Social Media Strategist: Chris Campaner

Production Credits
Photographer: Jeremy Thompson
Production Company: Unreasonable Studios`
Mac Artists: Hailey Williams, Rachel Laird
Director of Creative Production: Pierre Brionnes
Production Coordinator: Brittney Staffl

Client Credits
Client: dosist
Creative Director, dosist, Derek McCarty
VP Business Development, Canada, Taigh Smyth

Media Agency
Proven Advertising/VMC Media

PR Agency
Faulhaber Communications

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