2019 Winner


Lamp Recycled


BronzeCreative Catalyst

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you can add a new spin to it. Or, in IKEA Canada’s case, turn what was once a love letter to disposability into a celebration of circularity.

Back in 2002, the retailer and filmmaker Spike Jonze famously spun a tale of (tough) love in a TV spot that showed the heartbreak of a discarded lamp on the street. “Lamp” overtly told people to throw out their old furniture and buy something new. But the world is changing and, in 2019, disposable furniture is considered passé. The retailer had been doing good for people in tandem with the planet for several years, but it had not been as great at communicating its mission to become a leader in climate-positive products. IKEA’s wants to become a fully circular business within the next decade. So, to demonstrate its commitment to the future, the brand had to face its past.

Working with Rethink, it brought back the iconic lamp. The team created a sequel to the original creative by showing a little girl who finds the forgotten item and gives it a second life in her home. For those who weren’t familiar with the 2002 spot, the brand aired it on TV and online before the “Lamp Recycled” sequel debuted. IKEA also rolled out a sell-back program in stores to incentivize people to bring back their used furniture to be refurbished and re-sold.

The retailer put its bottom line on the, well, line, but the risk paid off. More than 200 media outlets covered news of the sell-back program and IKEA received over 10,000 applications in the first three months. Despite telling people to not buy its products, the brand lifted sales by 4%. Following the campaign, IKEA saw its highest levels of brand equity and the planning insight work earned a Bronze Creative Catalyst nod in the process.

Creative Director: Aaron Starkman, Joel Holtby, Mike Dubrick, Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Art Director: Joel Holtby
Writer: Mike Dubrick
Producer: Anne Marie Martignago
Strategist: Stacy Ross, Sean McDonald
Production: Scouts Honour
Director: Mark Zibert
Editor: Marc Langley
Director of Photography: Todd Martin
Line Producer: Rita Popielak
Post Production: Rooster Editorial
On-Line: Ernie Mordak, Fort York VFX
Grading: Eric Whipp
Audio House: Vapor-RMW
Audio producer: Ted Rosnick
Composer: Ren Klyce, Mit Out Sound
Account Manager: Becky Rudson
Account Director: Caleb Goodman, Marie Lunny, Sarah Riedlinger

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