2019 Winner

Fondation Émergence

The Pride Shield


GoldCause/Public Service

GoldSocial/Conversational Strategy

The power of standing together was presented by the Fondation Émergence in “The Pride Shield.” The work – created by Rethink and which won Gold in Social Strategy and Gold in Cause – allowed the organization to explore a creative platform that could trigger discussions about the plight of the LGBTQ+ community in some less progressive nations.

For the campaign, Rethink created a ballistic experiment in which 193 pride flags (the number of member countries in the UN) were aligned and shot with a .45 calibre bullet. A single flag stood no chance against the bullet, but with each flag, the bullet lost power, eventually stopping in its tracks.

A video was created and housed on PrideShield.com, where people could take action, donate to the cause and bring the “Pride Shield” to their city. What began as an experiment, became a content piece, and now lives on as an art installation: today, museums exhibit the flag to remind people to stand together to make a difference.

Creative Directors: Nicolas Quintal, Chris Staples, Ian Grais
Art Director: Maxime Sauté
Copywriters: Xavier Blais, Greg Kieltyka
Producer: Marie-Noëlle Rosso
Strategic Planner: Pascal Routhier
Account Services: Alex Lefebvre
Web Development: Steve Lam
Online Production: Todd Harrison
Video Production Company: Morrison Films \ 1One Production
Director: Julien Hurteau
DOP: Mathieu Elie
Color grading: Simon Boissonneau
Producer: Alexandre Caron \ Jean-René Parenteau
Postproduction coordinator: Gabrielle Doré
Sound: P.O. Rioux
Flag installation: Nicolas Bélanger
Print production: Consulat - Martine Goyette, Geneviève Croteau
Photographer: John Londono
Photo assistant: Philippe Richelet
Image retouching: Valérie Laliberté, Béatrice Munn
Hair/Makeup: Carole Méthot
Press Relations: TöK Communications - Éric Santerre, Samantha Williams
Client: Laurent Breault, Francis Viau, Olivia Baker

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