2019 Winner

Sport Chek

Digital Window Shopping


GoldROI Strategy

SilverData/Tech Strategy

Sport Chek and Touché! found an interesting phenomenon that tends to happen during the seven days leading up to the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. It’s called “digital window shopping,” where people will abandon their shopping carts filled with items while they search for similar goods on competitor sites. So when the clock strikes midnight, they’re prepared for the best deal and purchase whichever cart has the best savings.

To avoid losing business to big spenders like Amazon, Sport Chek took a very tactical approach: its analytics team spent 24 hours watching data trends, determining the top 1,000 products that were being dropped into online carts. And in a very short window (a few hours), they developed dynamic creative that promoted savings on those specific items. The ads appeared across the web from YouTube to Google to Instagram.

The data trail left by the digital window-shopping trend drove a search campaign that resulted in Sport Chek being the most searched retailer on Black Friday, with banners appearing in more than 141 million queries. All in all, the campaign increased sales by 54%, and with the same budget as the previous year. For those impressive results, it earned a Gold in ROI and a Silver in Data/Tech.

Media Agency: Touché!, Omnicom Media Group

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