2019 Winner

Connect Hearing Canada

Hard to Hear

Captus Advertising

BronzeMulticultural Strategy

Within the Chinese community, health problems are viewed as a family responsibility. Connect Hearing usually promotes its hearing solutions to a mainstream audience by putting the onus on the individual, so a different approach was required to connect with this new demo.

The tag became “stay connected with your loved ones,” with the strategy emphasizing the importance of maintaining family relationships as a person ages. A series of ads – one of which shows a grandmother having trouble hearing her family – encouraged booking free hearing tests at the local clinic.

The “Hard to Hear” campaign, by Captive Advertising, reflected the diminished quality of life that happens when auditory health is neglected and drove a 20% increase in appointments. It also won a Bronze in Multicultural Strategy.

George Kan, Head of Strategy and Creative
Jacky Phua, Art Director
Yuii Leung, Writer
Selina Lim, Art Director
Crystal Mak, Account Servicing
Meghan Paterson, Marketing
Gina Chong, Photographer

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