2019 Winner

White Ribbon

Boys Don't Cry

Bensimon Byrne / Narrative

BronzeCreative Catalyst

BronzeSocial/Conversational Strategy

Through content, non-profit White Ribbon and agencies Bensimon Byrne and Narrative explored what it means to be a man in the #metoo era. As stories flood news media, society is finally talking about the devastating consequences of toxic masculinity. But is anything being done to get at the heart of the issue?

As little kids, boys are allowed to express their emotions. But as they grow older, they’re socialized to show only those emotions associated with masculinity, while suppressing healthy ones like fear, sadness, and compassion. Research shows that this can have negative effects later in life, such as mental health issues, substance abuse, violence, incarceration and early mortality.

“Boys Don’t Cry” is a three-minute film that begins with a young boy experiencing emotions from love to sadness. But as he grows up, he’s told to bottle up his emotions and gradually transforms from an innocent child into a violent teenager.

The film was launched on Canada’s National Anti- Bullying Day across two national networks, which agreed to air the film for free. The Toronto Maple Leafs and anti-bullying advocates Monica Lewinski and George Takei, as well as parental expert Alyson Schafer helped to share the film beyond Canada. The video was picked up in 150 stories globally, generating 66 million impressions, and landed two Bronzes, one in Creative Catalyst, another in Social Strategy.

Executive Creative Director: Joseph Bonnici
Associate Creative Director / Writer: David Mueller
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Debbie Chan
Writer : Matt Doran
Project Manager: Sara Leroux
Strategist: Brittany Dow
Casting: Shasta Lutz (Jigsaw)
Agency Producer: Michelle Pilling
Production House: Untitled Films
Executive Producer: Tom Evelyn
Director: Hubert Davis
Line Producer: Tom Evelyn
Post Production Offline: Rooster Post
Producer: Mellissa Khan
Editor: Michelle Czuker
Post Production Online: Alter Ego
Producer: Hilda Pereira
Editor: Darren Achim
Transfer: Alter Ego
Colourist: Clinton Homuth
Audio House: Berkeley
Audio Producer: Tyna Maerzke
Audio Director: Jared Kuemper
Audio Engineer: Jared Kuemper

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