2019 Winner

Post Foods Canada - Sugar-Crisp

Sugar-Crisp Spout

Ogilvy Canada

SilverContent Strategy

Sugar-Crisp had previously connected with millennials by tapping into their nostalgia for the brand’s commercials from the ‘90s. However, this strategy didn’t gel with Gen Z, as they hadn’t grown up with the ads. So Sugar-Crisp looked to gaming as a way in with 18- to 24-year-olds.

Eating cereal while gaming is common practice with this group, but it also leads to sticky fingers, which impedes game play. So the “Sugar-Crisp Spout” was devised to let a gamer pour cereal directly into their mouth. Ogilvy helped the brand create a blatantly fake influencer, who promoted the Spout online. Around 3,000 were given away and the program (which won a Silver in Content Strategy) led to a 15% sales boost, versus the previous month.

Agency – Ogilvy Canada
Brian Murray – Chief Creative Officer
Steve Muzzin – Creative Group Head/Senior Copywriter
Mark Hesse – Art Director
Samiir Mussa – Art Director
Alex Furrer – Chief Creative Officer
Thais Maranho – Video Editor
Paulina Lozano – Project Manager
Antoine Negre – Production Director
Jamie Flatow – Account Coordinator
Taylor Pawsey – Account Supervisor
Crystal Sales – Strategist
Idris Lawal – Content Manager
Eric Kormos – Senior Account Executive
Mark Forward – Group Account Director
David Scanlon – Senior Print Producer
Kirsten White – Producer, Makers

3dphaktory – Spout Production
Jono Hunter – Director, OPC
OPC – Production
Spark Foundry – Media

Client – Post Foods Canada
David Bagozzi – VP Marketing
Amy Bernstein – Senior Brand Manager
Katherine Lorenzo – Assistant Brand Manager
Linda Dominitz – Senior Insights Manager
Veronika Popkova – Senior Brand Manager

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