2017 Winner

Rethink Breast Cancer



GoldCause/Public Service

SilverNiche Strategy

For years, campaigns have spoken to women about the prevention and detection of breast cancer. But Rethink Breast Cancer and Lg2 wanted to help them navigate the realities of a life with breast cancer, so it spoke with more than 500 women undergoing treatment.

During those discussions, the team found that young women feel isolated when people don't know how to talk to them anymore. Flowers, balloons, and mind-numbing optimism do nothing to help. They were sick of being treated like “a sick person” and desperately just wanted to be understood.

When a young woman close to a person is diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s difficult to know exactly what to do or say to make her feel better about her new reality. That’s why Rethink Breast Cancer created the Give-A-Care line of products for women with breast cancer that actually understands the needs of young women with breast cancer.

So much more than a product line, the Give-A-Care collection from Rethink Breast Cancer bridges the gap between what her supporters think she needs and what will actually help improve her quality of life.

The Give-A-Care collection was available exclusively at Giveacare.ca where supporters could build a custom care package, with products like lemon candies that mask the metallic taste of chemo, or a front-zip hoodie that’s easy to get on and off post-surgery.

All 22 items tap into unique insights, helping to treat physical and emotional side effects of treatment. But more than just gifts she actually needs, each product and online description are written in a way that offers a glimpse into her experience.

With products such as the “My-life-has-turned-into-a-series-of-appointments-so-please-don’t-tell-me-this-is-all-part-of-the-big PLANNER,” and the “If-one-more-person-tells-me-that-at-least-I-don't-look-sick-I-may-never-get-rid-of-this HEADACHE BALM,” the collection offers both awareness and comfort.

Each package also includes a copy of the Care Guidelines — a booklet that covers topics like premature menopause, breast reconstruction, fertility preservation, and financial resources.

As many doctors have never treated a younger woman with breast cancer, their needs are often not discussed until it’s too late. This booklet translates "doctor talk" into easy-to-digest information, opening the door for conversations to get real, and for women to get the care they really need.

The organisation attracted shoppers from over 115 countries, and increased average donations to Rethink Breast Cancer by 565% during holiday campaign season. It also garnered 120,000,000 media impressions with $0 media spend.

The products have also been featured in major media outlets, including The Today Show, Breakfast Television, Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, InStyle, Best Health, Fashion, Chatelaine, Elle and Flare.

Brand: Rethink Breast Cancer
Agency: lg2
Digital Planner: Meg Siegel
CDs: Chris Hirsch, Nellie Kim, Claude Auchu
Copywriter: Ariel Riske
AD: Zachary Bautista
Graphic designer: Élise Cropsal
Account services: Krista Findlay, Antoine Levasseur, Taylor Johnston, Chloé Gascon, Alexandre Normand
Digital CD: Jennifer Varvaresso
User Experience: Joël Auchu, Nicholas Baldovini
Print/Web Production: lg2fabrique
Audio (online video): Vapor
RMW Post (online video): The Juggernaut

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