Turnaround Strategy 

It was broke. You fixed it! Time moved on so you found a whole new reason for being - a new positioning, a new channel, new targets and a new way to go to market. 

Launch Strategy 

From the ground up, a blueprint for going to market. From brand new products and services to line extensions and innovation, the segmentation, positioning and marketing strategy behind the launch plan. 

Evolution Strategy: Keeping it Fresh 

Your brand has a formula that's been working and has been following it for years. So what's the plan for amping up the interest and evolving the strategy within the existing parameters? Tell us what the brand was doing before and what the new strategy is. 

Connection Strategy 

There are more touch points, but engagement is getting harder, so what's the plan for compelling and impactful ways to reach consumers? 

Challenger Strategy (AKA David & Goliath) 

Budget will always be an issue, so as the challenger brand, what's your strategy to level the playing field? Tell us what your budget/resource challenges were and how you overcame them.

Niche Strategy 

It's hard enough to reach a mass audience, how do you also find a way to reach out to specific consumer communities? From demos (multicultural, LGBT, boomers) to geography, effective targeting strategies. 

Cause/Public Service 

Strategies for changing minds and saving lives. Government, advocacy, social issues, fund and awareness-raising. 

Game Changer 

Like it sounds. A transformational, category-mind-bending, disruption strategy. 

Creative Catalyst 

Great planning leads to great work. 

This award allows teams to recognize planners who provided the spark that led to brilliant creative and big brand ideas. Must be entered by a brand, media partner or agency creative lead - not the planner.

Research Mastery (AKA Data Diving) 

To ferret out new insights you need to look at things differently. From novel research methodology to clever use of data, what analytic gymnastics or guerilla anthropology fueled your planning process?

Canada 150 Strategy

There was a new planning assignment this year. The challenge was that everyone shared the same task and the same time frame: find a smart Canada 150 connection for your brand. Some brands also celebrated Montreal’s 375th anniversary. Share how your sesquicentennial (and/or 375 MTL) insights and ideas broke through the birthday babble to make a tangible contribution to the brand's bottom line, positioning or other objectives.

Grand Prix: The Jury will select the planning work that had most impact on the brand's results and future plans. A grand prix calibre strategy informs the way the brand goes to market in a significant ongoing way - from marcom and media strategy to demo shifts and distribution channels. 

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